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Perfect Love Song

It's the season of love. We are getting you into the mood with our new hit single "Perfect Love Song." Find it on iTunes today and show everyone some love and respect, care of Morgan Heritage.

Love ♥ Respect ♥ Peace

Morgan HeritageThe Royal Family Of Reggae

- It is not by self-imposed accolades that Morgan Heritage are referred to as Reggae Royalty, but rather from music lovers around the world who recognize their rich Reggae heritage and gift to Reggae music.

From playing to hundreds of thousands of people in sold-out concerts throughout Europe, Africa and the Caribbean Islands, to numerous #1 hits internationally, Morgan Heritage have long ago cemented their name and stake in this industry.

2012 saw Morgan Heritage reconnect with their fans as they embarked on a long-awaited "The Return" tour and gave new music to eager fans from their EP of the same name. The EP released in most of the world in August and in North America in September of 2012, brought a breath of fresh air to Reggae, and at the urging of their fans, Morgan Heritage has been back in the studio putting the finishing touches on their upcoming "Here Come The Kings" full album.

Thankfully fans will not have to wait to regale their ears with new music, as the "Perfect Love Song" has hit iTunes on Tuesday February 5th, 2013. The single was chosen for it's fun-loving vibe. "It's different!" says Peetah Morgan. The single merges genres, as it captures the Morgan Heritage crossover appeal while keeping the roots vibe present in the verses. As an added bonus, fans will delight in Gramps deejaying for the first time on a Morgan Heritage song in over 10 years.

"The story behind 'Perfect Love Song'" is just a person realizing that the one he or she loves makes them feel beyond good, beyond great. Instead the person makes them feel HEAVENLY!" - Peetah Morgan

"Perfect love song to me is a love song that goes beyond the bedroom. It's a song that can apply to love Universally" - Mojo Morgan

Written by Morgan Heritage and produced by Linton “TJ” White, Andrew Myrie and Morgan Heritage "Perfect Love Song" was released by VP Records and is available worldwide on iTunes

The "Here Come The Kings" album is slated to be release on June 4th 2013.

Preparations for the video "Perfect Love Song" are on under way and will be shot on location in Miami Beach, Florida.

Today Morgan Heritage's new hit single, "Perfect Love Song", is just the start to a soon to be released album that has a rich sound that is uniquely Morgan Heritage.
Stay tuned for the video release of "Perfect Love Song" and the new album,
"Here Come The Kings" release slated for June 4th 2013!

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